HE the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NURSULTAN NAZARBAYEV

“…Since attaining independence, our country has achieved significant success in its development. Our economy has grown more than 20 times. The country has accumulated about 90 billion dollars of international reserves. The volume of foreign investment attracted has reached 300 billion dollars. We continue introducing the structural institutional reforms, implementing the programs of industrialisation, infrastructure development and privatisation, as well as performing an accelerated technological modernisation and digitalisation of the economy. Our main goal is to ensure the sustainable growth of the economy and welfare of the population so that our country entres the list of the top 30 developed countries of the world.

We have successfully organised the EXPO–2017: Future Energy International Specialised Exhibition. And now, based on the EXPO infrastructure, the Astana International Financial Centre is commencing its work. Exclusive institutional conditions have been created that have no analogues not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the CIS territory. First, the AIFC is the only centre in the region with a special legal regime that will operate based on English Law. Moreover, its participants are granted tax privileges for up to 50 years. There are simplified currency, visa and labour regimes. The AIFC Independent Court and International Arbitration Centre will guarantee the protection of rights to all investors and businesses.

Besides this, the Astana International Financial Centre has created a high-technology stock exchange, with shareholders such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the American Nasdaq Stock Exchange. As part of the large-scale privatisation, the assets of the largest mining, metallurgical, oil and gas, energy, transport and other enterprises of our Republic will be listed there. In general, the AIFC has every chance of becoming a regional financial hub and a centre for the development of green, Islamic and innovative financial instruments”.

HE the Governor of the Astana International Financial Centre KAIRAT KELIMBETOV

The changing dynamic in current economic trends indicate major shifts in the level of emphasis placed upon conventional development frameworks. Emerging markets are gaining greater dominance in shaping global economic growth. Kazakhstan has a great potential for showcasing its competitiveness and attractiveness on the regional and global stage. The geographic and socio-economic aspects of the country set a solid foundation for an extensive integration with global markets. Today, the country plays a strategic role in recreating a trade corridor connecting East and West through China’s Belt and Road initiative. Astana, in particular, has a tremendous opportunity to become a delivery point for the Belt and Road infrastructure financing office.

The establishment of the Astana International Financial Centre, which was initiated by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev as an important component of nation-wide economic and institutional reform, plays a key role in enhancing economic growth and further enabling the structural diversification of strategic directions. The launch of the AIFC is part of the “100 Concrete Steps” programme aimed at attaining a sustainable and prosperous social and economic future. In the face of low commodity prices and global uncertainties in foreign markets, the development of a world-class financial centre is the timely and justified initiative to achieve a new level of growth through diversification and innovation.

The AIFC concept is quite promising, with its high-tech, innovative and efficient platform that provides services based on international standards, thus increasing trading volume and revenue as well as expanding into new asset classes and revenue diversification in the long run. The primary objective of the AIFC is to develop a liquid and well-balanced capital market with a broad range of financial instruments. The AIFC is a one-of-a-kind platform in the region offering multidimensional access to capital and a wide range of financial services and investment tools. With its infrastructure, adherence to the best international practices, instruments and independent legal system, the AIFC will help transform the perception of Kazakhstan by the global investment community, thus stimulating the growth of foreign investment in the country and positioning Kazakhstan’s financial sector at a higher level among the leading multinational corporate states worldwide.

In commemorating the successful launch of the AIFC, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of Astana this year, we are honoured to be hosting the AIFC Official Launch on 5 July, 2018. Moreover, the AIFC shall host Astana Finance Days, a new multi-day event designed to promote discussion on different aspects of financial services. Astana Finance Days is a historically significant event, that will allow sharing our plans and long-term vision, demonstrating our credentials and comparative advantages, as well as engaging global industry specialists in the most trending discussion topics.